Brass city of Moradabad is known from its Metal handicrafts. We are a cottage industry with a pool of Master artisans & Craftsmen, who painstakingly handcraft the products in our small yet sufficiently equipped production unit. Our creative impulse and dedicated team has enhanced our expertise in the manufacture of Fashion Jewelry and allied products. To meet the varied requirements of our global clients, we manufacture our range with innovative use of material, which helps in upgrading both its overall quality and finish standards. Our range includes the following:  

 Hand Made Fashion Jewelry 

Brass Jewelry: Brass Bangles & Wrist/ arm cuffs Brass Necklaces & Pendants Brass Earrings Brass Brooches & Accessories
Bone & Horn Jewelry Bone & Horn Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Bone & Horn Necklaces & Pendants Bone & Horn Earrings Bone & Horn Buttons
Mother Of Pearl Jewelry Mother Of Pearl Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Mother Of Pearl Necklaces & Pendants Mother Of Pearl Earrings Mother Of Pearl Buttons
Resin Jewelry Resin Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Resin Necklaces & Pendants Resin Earrings Resin Buttons
Leather Jewelry Leather Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Leather Necklaces & Pendants Leather Earrings Other Accessories
Mixed Metal Jewelry Mixed Metal Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Mixed Metal Necklaces & Pendants Mixed Metal Earrings Other Accessories
Natural Wooden Jewelry Natural Wooden Bangles & Wrist Cuffs Natural Wooden Necklaces & Pendants Natural Wooden Earrings Natural Wooden Hair clips & Sticks
  Hand painted wooden Bangles & Wrist Cuffs

Hand painted wooden Necklaces & Pendants

Hand painted Wooden Earrings


Catholic Church Items

We undertake to develop custom designs and produce Private label production of Catholic church Items such as


Candle Stands & Alter crosses Alter Bells Reliquaries Mixed Metal Earrings Other Accessories
Natural Wooden Jewelry Bishop's items Baptism sets and Holy oil stocks Sanctuary lamps Blessing items