One fine  day in 1999 , as I was driving  home  from my Pharmaceutical  Business, all of a Sudden I deeply realized that this is my only life  and that  there  may not be another life to live. I was a Pharmacist and had been earning from the Sickness  of People which always used to prick  me somewhere inside. Besides, for years I had been running around my stereotyped life without any creative venture. 

I stopped, took a deep breath and decided to re-direct my life. Be it wrapping a gift or salad carving for the food table, Creativity has always stimulated me and I decided that I will take up only creative work and earn from the happiness of people.

So In 1999, I started a small handicraft workshop to make chess coins in Amritsar in the Garage of my house and subsequently moved lock, Stock & barrel to Moradabad, the Brass City of India where I started from scratch, gradually  building the Handicraft unit  and eventually developing specialization in Fashion Jewelry  & Catholic Church Items. 

We Formally started as an export company in August 2002. Since then Kenway Sartaj Worldwide continues to be actively  engaged in the production & export of Handmade Jewelry & Handicrafts in different parts of  the world. In almost 2 decades ,we  have gained expertise in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a wide range of Handicrafts, Handcrafted Costume & Fashion Jewelry and Catholic Church Items which are exclusively crafted by our adept Artisans & workers. 

We are an authorized & registered firm in India with export license issued by the Govt. of India and possess all the necessary accreditation required for running the business lawfully. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strongly believe in adopting processes which are driven by total quality management.

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